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Best Refrigerators in 2018 Review

A 12v Refrigerators is a common household appliance, which is made up of the thermally insulated compartment and a mechanical, chemical or electronic heat pump, which transfers heat from the internal parts of the fridge to the external environment. This process enables the fridge to remain cool at temperatures lower than the normal room temperatures.

12v Refrigerators is an important means of storing your food in most countries. The lower temperatures found in a refrigerator reduces the reproduction rate of bacteria’s, hence your food does not spoil easily.

Gone are the days when people used the old boring refrigerators. Currently, manufacturers are continuously thinking beyond the old icebox to come up with better designs, technologies, and features into our homes.

More than one week of analysis and testing seventeen best refrigerators, we have got created an inventory of the ten best refrigerators in 2018.we get best 12v refrigerators.

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Whether one is remodeling his or her kitchen, or you need to replace your old refrigerator, picking a new refrigerator might be hard for you. This guide will assist you in focusing on a few important things that can assist you to get the best side by side refrigerator.

Most people believe that you should consider measuring the space you have to know the perfect size of the refrigerator to buy. However, measuring the depth, width,and the height is a portion of what to consider when buying a refrigerator.

Know the opening space of your door, what you will need to remove from the house in order to fix your equipment if at all, there is not enough space, the ventilation space, your cleaning space and how you will carry your refrigerator into the house or kitchen after you have bought it.

Consider the size of the family.One might be having a family, which is growing fast or one that will take time before it grows such as a family with little kids or one with adults. For small children, one will need to get a bigger cheap refrigerator since you will have to store the food of the kids as well as the adult’s foods.

A family that is growing fast does not need a bigger cheap refrigerator. Most adults are at school and no much food is needed in the refrigerator. A family, which does not need to cook all the time,do not need a huge refrigerator. You should also consider the family size when it comes to selecting the perfect size of your french door refrigerator.

Know your cooking and shopping habits. You might be the type of person who always visits the grocery to buy fruits, cereals,and vegetables. Some people do save money by buying many things at once.A refrigerator is a lifetime appliance, which could be ideal for you if you need to consume the things you buy for long without effects.

If you like buying bigger frozen items such as large entrees, or frozen pizzas, you should pay more attention to the size of freezer compartment your refrigerator has, especially for best side by side refrigerator model. It is to assist you to have enough space to store the items in without breaking or folding some.

Consider the style and design of the refrigerator. After understanding the perfect size you need for your refrigerator, the next thing to consider is the design, which looks good for you. The designs and styles of refrigerators vary very much. It depends on the manufacturer and the features a refrigerator has.

There are many options available when it comes to choosing the style and design of your refrigerator. Do not get confused when you are considering these features. There are some refrigerators, which have their freezers on top. Such refrigerators are best for individuals who love consuming frozen food.

You should avoid smudges.Unless you are okay with cleaning your refrigerator regularly, one should avoid a refrigerator made of stainless steel finishes since they show fingerprints whenever someone uses the refrigerator. You will find many refrigerators being sold with faux stainless-steel surfaces, with the same look but do not shows fingerprints.

The counter depth should an important factor to consider also. Most new refrigerators are shallow and provide an in-built look by not renovating your kitchen. They do not consume much space like the old refrigerators; they are the perfect appliances for you if you have a small kitchen. Note that the food space in such refrigerator is small.

New fridges have many freezer compartments. However, consider the flexibility of your refrigerator before buying. The compartments help you in organizing food making sure you do not take time looking for the food stored in the refrigerator. Some of the appliances come with some convertible drawers where you can set the temperatures you need for your food.

The most important thing you should also consider is your budget. The budget should guide you when looking for the best refrigerator french door. Before considering some features, the money you have should guide you. Some refrigerators have better features but are cost much. Money should help you in your selection to avoid going for something you cannot afford.

Best Refrigerators in 2018

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Let us have a look at each product for better understanding

1. Danby DPF073C1WDB Top-Mounted Refrigerator

DanbyIt is a common type, which most of us will have in mind, whenever we hear of the word refrigerator. It is a single column appliance, with a loading Capacity of 7.3 cubic feet, which is well designed to work with a distinct freezer compartment. Most people in their kitchen. the best refrigerator with cheaper when compared to other refrigerators and has a wide range of varieties to offer.

Top-rated refrigerators come with a manual to guide you on how to use the refrigerator together with a warranty. One can do online booking for easier delivery if you are busy with other activities or far from the shop. You have only one white color, which is available.This refrigerator for sale near you.

12 months parts and labor coverage with in-home service. Installation
and/or Yearly Maintenance (cleaning) are not covered under warranty.It is cheap refrigerator.
  • It is the best type of a refrigerator you can consider using if you want to save more energy. It is 20% more efficient when compared to side or bottom-mounted freezers. If you are more concerned with electricity bills, Top-Mounted is the ideal refrigerator for you!
  • It is cheaply made to suit a medium sized household or family. You will not have to pay much on electricity since it uses 334kwh in a year.
  • Cheap refrigerator.
  • Top refrigerators have a low rating when it comes to its features. It does not have a good appearance if you have to compare with other kinds. For those who are not concerned with features or the looks of the refrigerator, top-mounted is the best among many refrigerators!
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2. Kenmore Elite 79043 Bottom-Mounted Refrigerator

Kenmore EliteIt is the same as the top-mounted refrigerator but the freezer is mounted at the bottom of the appliance. This type of a model is not common in the market, meaning, there are less variety and range.

Bottom-mounted refrigerators are more expensive and less efficient when compared to a top-mounter refrigerator. You will spend more money in the future when using the appliance. However, not all models of bottom-mounted appliances are bunk.

An example of the bottom-mounted refrigerator is the Kenmore Elite 79043, it has a capacity of 24.1 cubic foot, and it accommodates a punch inside. It is the right refrigerator to use if you have a mid-sized family. It has a ranking of 4.5 stars when it comes to energy efficiency.

When buying the Bottom-mounted refrigerator, you receive transportation if you which to, and is accompanied by a guide to help you use the refrigerator. You are given a warranty, which is according to the manufacturer of the refrigerator you buy.best 12v refrigerator.

Only one new item is available on Amazon. The item cannot be shipped to some countries such as Kenya.If you have any question concerning the best refrigerator, consider contacting Amazon customer care desk for more information.

  • It saves more energy hence it does not consume more power when being used.
  • It has a warranty when buying.
  • The freezer is mounted at the bottom of the refrigerator making it easy for one to access the lower parts of the appliance.
  • It is not big enough to be used in a huge family.
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3. Kenmore 50043 Side By Side refrigerator

Kenmore 50043They are bigger than the normal refrigerators. They have a wider design making them be split into two. One side is used as the refrigerator side while the other section is where the freezer is kept.

refrigerator side by side model is the ideal appliances for people who have the tendency of freezing the food, which is left after consumption in high volumes. If you love food, which is kept in a freezer, the best side by side refrigerator is the ideal for you since you will have bigger space to store your food.

Unlike the bottom or the top-mounted refrigerators, which have smaller spaces, with best side by side refrigerator you are at a better position. The space in this appliance is much bigger and makes it easier to store your food. You do not have to limit your shopping rate fearing you might not have space for your food.

Side-by-side refrigerators have more space for the refrigeration section. Its freezer is also larger than those of normal refrigerators. It helps in keeping all foods, vegetables or fruits stored in the refrigerator fresher for longer without leaving out any. You do not have to worry about how your food will remain fresh no matter the amount you put in the fridge, the only thing you should look at is that everything fits in the appliance.

Unlike the top and bottom- mounted refrigerators whose doors open from the side, best side by side refrigerator appliance opens from the center. It means that there is a smaller amount of spatial clearance needed to swing the doors of your refrigerator.

Note that side-by-side refrigerators come with additional features such as ice, water dispensers, and an external user border panel, which might be a good deal to some people. With this appliance, you will not need to buy other appliances for your house. It will serve you the purpose a water or an ice dispenser would if you have the two different appliances.

This is a good opportunity for one to save money by buying only one appliance to serve you differently. You will also save some space where you could place your dispenser. A good example of the side-by-side refrigerator is the Kenmore 50043. This refrigerator is best for bigger families. It is known to consume more energy than the top and bottom-mounted freezers in a year.

This warranty applies for only 90 DAYS from the sale date in the United States, and is void in Canada, if this appliance is ever used for other than private household purposes.This refrigerator best buy  for you.

It is hard to receive this type of refrigerators when in some countries such as Kenya since they become more expensive transporting fewer refrigerators. You are issued with a warrant to over you for some time while using the appliance.best side by side refrigerator.

  • The appliances are handy enabling one to access the freezer, as well as the refrigerator easily at the same time.
  • They are huge in size hence accommodating more food.
  • It has some additional features such as ice maker, and water dispenser on it.
  • Refrigerator small and larger  families too with a lot to preserve it there.
  • Refrigerator french  two doors to open from the center.
  • It is bigger in size hence consuming more space when compared to other refrigerators.
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4. Kenmore Elite 74023 French Door Refrigerator

Kenmore Elite 74023
It is the most expensive and versatile type of a refrigerator. They have the same width as the side-by-side refrigerators. They have a med bottom third place where the freezer is placed, similar to a bottom model freezer.

refrigerator side by side, the french door refrigerator is divided into two. The fridge section of this type, have doors opening from the center. For some refrigerators, the freezer section has two doors while some have just one door. Those with freezer section having the same number of doors to the fridge section, the refrigerator has four doors. While those with only one freezer door, the doors total up to three doors.

The French door refrigerator is big enough to accommodate a lot of food. They are bigger than the side-by-side making them suitable for bigger families or smaller families with a lot of food to store. It becomes easy for someone who loves storing large amounts of foods or foods, which are of a bigger size to use the french door refrigerator.

An example of a French door model is the Kenmore Elite 74023. It has an anti-finger coating, which helps in keeping the refrigerator clean. It is the best for you if you have smaller kids. Kids will tend to open the fridge even with dirty hands without minding how it will be cleaned. However, the french door refrigerator does not show the dirt easily.

It is hard to get a French door refrigerator from another country if they are not available for retail in your country. Shipping them becomes difficult especially when being bought for retail.Countries like Kenya, the item cannot be transported. It is because the cost of transportation becomes high. You can get more picture of the French door refrigerators on Amazon to pick your best color. The appliance is also accompanied by a manual guide to aid you to understand the refrigerator better.

The Kenmore Elite 74023 is not smudge proof. You want to look for the models with active finish as they are smudge proof.cheap refrigerator.
  • It is large, to accommodate much food.
  • Best for people with kids or those who do not wash their refrigerators regularly.
  • This refrigerators for huge families.
  • It’s french door refrigerator.
  • It cannot be shipped for free to some countries.
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5. Danby 120 Mini refrigerator

Danby 120 Bar Refrigerator
The bar fridges are splitDanby 120 Bar Refrigerator into different categories. Most people tend to use them for different purposes hence they have different and many varieties. They are good for commercial use especially for people who own shops, groceries, supermarket and other commercial areas.

They are of different sizes in different colors. Most have one door while others have two doors. They have enough space for storing your items making them stay fresh for longer. They have their freezers mounted at the bottom.
Danby 120 is a good example of a mini refrigerator. It can serve people who love having a cold drink after a long day. They have handy door shelves for the single small ones, together with a small harder bin.

The door of a mini refrigerator is reversible, meaning one can adjust it so that it can hinge on any side you want. It consumes a lot of energy because most of the time it has to remain on to keep the drinks frozen.

If you make a full payment for the item the first six months, you do not get any interest. One can choose to buy a used one or a new one on Amazon Shipping is done in most countries.You can use also in rv refrigerator

  • the best refrigerator when you want to entertain your clients and preserves many drinks.
  • cheap refrigerator.
  • Easy to transport it to different places where you want to use.
  • best for commercial use.
  • It consumes less energy.
  • They can be ineffective when considering their size.
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6. Midea WHD-113FSS1 Double Reversible door Refrigerator

Midea WHD-113FSS1

These types of refrigerator small have an adjustable temperature ranges with two compatibles. The refrigerator compatible has a temperature range of thirty-two inches to fifty degrees, while the vegetable section ranges between -11.2 degrees to 5 degrees.

These refrigerators have adjustable legs to ease the relocation from one place to another and a door which is reversible to open from the right-hand side or the left-hand side. There is an interior light which enables limited automatic defrost.

It is more advantageous to buy the double reversible door refrigerators from Amazon because you have a choice of either buying a used one at a cheaper price or a new one. This item has a sixty percent better return when compared to other products which are similar.
It is for commercial use only.

Noise level:it’s definitely quiet enough to cover up with a fan or soft background music.
  • Keeps Ice Cream Frozen.
  • Freezes Ice.
  • Adequate Space,Generous Space.
  • Keeps all my items cold (Ex: water, cold drinks, milk, salad, pudding, jello, cheese, mediation)
  • Over all look very pleasing.
  • Cheap refrigerator.
  • Refrigerator mini.
  • Inside of refrigerator door/can rack-hard to get cans out
    Careful-If you put items too far back in refrigerator they will freeze
    Frost/Ice in freezer/droplets back wall in refrigerator.
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7. BLACK+DECKER BCRK32V Single Door Mini Refrigerator

It is mainly used to store vegetables since it has two shelves which are full width adjustable. It also has a removable vegetable and fruit crisper compartment. The refrigerator has an adjustable thermostat control with leveling legs to offer the user ultimate versatility.

The door shelves are three with full width to accommodate bottles which can hold two liters of any fluid and a gallon. The freezer compartment is of full width with an ice cube platter. The refrigerator does not consume more energy hence it is best for saving energy because it is refrigerator small .

There are only eight items available on Amazon. Consider getting yours fast before the stock finishes.

1 Year Warranty on parts & labor; 2 Years Warranty on compressor
Energy Star Certified.It is mini refrigerator.

  • There is a one year warranty.
  • It has an adjustable thermostat control.
  • It is best for energy saving.
  • Best for vegetables and fruits.
  • Only New ones are available.
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8. Hisense RR63D6ASE Single Door and Freezer Refrigerator

Hisense RR63D6ASE
The refrigerator has two transparent shelves which are easy to clean whenever they are dirty or when one wishes to. It is easy to access food which is stored on the shelves of this type of refrigerator.

The refrigerator has some deli drawer and a clear crisper inside. The door shelves are able to hold a water bottle or two-liter capacity.

Manufacturers warranties may not apply in all cases, depending on factors such as use of the product,where the product was purchased, or who you purchased the product from. Please review the warranty carefully, and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.
  • It saves more energy.
  • Energy Star certified.
  • Clear Door bins easily hold 2L bottles.
  • Mini refrigerator
  • It is small and not suitable for people with big families.
  • It can hold only limited items.
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9. Frigidaire PROFESSIONAL Stainless Steel Refrigerator Freezer Combo & Trim

Frigidaire PROFESSIONALIt has a capacity of 19 cubic feet with all the refrigerator located on the right-hand side.

The freezers are located on the left-hand side with a capacity of 19 cubic feet also. The refrigerator is planned, engineered and assembled in the United States.

Amazon has only four of such products in store and is all new. However, buying the item includes free transportation to your location.

ice maker does not include water purifier. You could a purifier but it would need to be external to the refrigerator. We have a whole house water softener and purifier so not having one with the frig wasn’t a concern.It is cheap refrigerator
  • It resists fingerprints.
  • It has a Trim Kit included.
  • SmudgeProof stainless steel resists fingerprints and is easy to clean.
  • Designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.
  • It is expensive to get a new refrigerator of this type.
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10. Atosa MBF8005 Two door refrigerator

Atosa MBF8005An example of a two-door refrigerator which has a freezer mounted at the top of the Atosa. The item weighs 408 pounds and measures 33.3 x 51.7 x 83.9 inches. It is made of stainless steel and uses LED lighting.

The refrigerator has two doors opening from the sides. There are no batteries included in the item when buying or using. It has only three shelves from the sides. It has high efficiency in light consumption.


There are only eight new Atosa refrigerators that are available for sale on Amazon.Thre is an additional fee for shipping this product which is a fixed amount.It is best side by side refrigerator.

  • It has some wheels for easy movement.
  • It is huge enough to accommodate a lot of food.
  • 2 year parts and labor, 5 year compressor for commercial use.
  • It is not best 12 volt refrigerator.
  • There is no free shipping for any buyer.
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It should not be hard for you to know the best type of refrigerator that can serve you best. Considering the above tips for choosing the best refrigerator and the different types of the refrigerator, you are good to buy one for your use.

There are other many types of refrigerators found on Amazon with the best rating ever. Go through the reviews to know which can suit you best. In case you have a question, contact the customer care by typing your question to get some answers. People who have ever used the appliance before might get back to you and give you the best answers ever.

Avoid buying a refrigerator without having a good idea of how it works. It is hard to take the refrigerator back for replacement if it has no faults. You will not have a replacement if the refrigerator has exceeded the period of warranty. Be keen when buying a refrigerator.

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