20 Amazing Things Associated with Amazon Prime Account Tips

20 Best Amazon shopping tips:

Amazon is the world largest e-commerce company. It offers the best deals when compared to other companies, which sell products online. Day by day, the company wants the clients to get the best from them. Through this more clients will join their team.

Amazon has made it possible for clients who find it easy to get every item from them to enjoy more benefits by starting the best programs ever such as Amazon Prime. This is a program where its members get to enjoy many unlimited benefits from Amazon.

Opening an Amazon Prime account does not cost you anything. All you need to do is either choose to join the Amazon prime as a student or as a family. However, the two options do not allow you to include many people in the same account.

You cannot join as a family if you do not have a family because you will get to enjoy the family benefits associated with your account such as receiving diapers at a discount and quickly. As a student, you get to enjoy the benefits of downloading some books at a free cost that the non-members.

However, the list of benefits is endless. There are many more, which you can consider checking with us here!

We have come up with a list, which you should read to know the benefits associated with Amazon Prime account. You might have subscribed to the membership but do not know what it costs to be a member, here is a chance for you! For the people who have never heard of this before, consider joining the membership to enjoy the following benefits.

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1.Smile for Contributions


When you are doing the shopping for yourself, it does not mean that you cannot give something. Amazon has made it easy for people to give something to the needy by coming up with a program known as The Amazon Smile Program. Consider visiting the site by clicking on

Consider setting this on your bookmarks as your favorite, then use the Amazon Smile as your number one button for chrome or for your Firefox browser use Smile Redirect add-ons so that you can remember that you need to visit the smile page whenever you visit Amazon web page.

There are many different charity programs, which you can choose from, to help regularly. The organizations are not a fraud hence you should not worry about helping. If you purchase anything from Amazon, 0.5 percent of the money you pay for the item is taken to the charity organization you selected directly by Amazon.

You will not get any tax benefit from this act, but you will have the item you purchased.  It is advisable for any organization, which need to receive help to register with the Amazon by visiting Not all organizations receive help. People should not take it as a money making scheme by pretending to be a charity program that needs help. You have to prove that you are a charity program in many ways for your name to appear on Smile.

2. Join Prime with Another Person


One can share the cost of an Amazon Prime account with a member of the family, and a maximum of four kids who should be your kids and do not need to have Amazon accounts at any cost.

Amazon Prime accounts are the smartest means of keeping your holiday shopping a secret so that no one knows about it, and get some discounts on your two-day shipping costs. The money, which is deducted from your shipping cost, can be used to purchase another item on Amazon and still get the discounts.

Other benefits associated with Amazon Prime accounts include receiving Amazon videos with all the linked members for free, the Prime Early Access, and not forgetting of the Amazon Free Time parental controls which helps in making sure the children do not see anything they are not supposed to see.

For you to join the Amazon prime account, you have to visit the Amazon account, click on the add which is written go here, then click on the add Adult, Teen, Child. You will need to produce their email addresses as they are on Amazon. You will then be required to produce some details of the adults debit or credit card for them to be verified as members of Amazon Prime Account.

3.Prime-are Award


Incas your beloved family member who you have turned to become a member of the Amazon addict, is not that close to you in the family, you have the option of choosing the prime to be, a one year gift which will be worth $119, or three month gift which will be worth $39 increments to any member with the Amazon email address.

These membership benefits are accompanied by the following benefits, streaming music and video for free from Amazon, borrowing kindle or books from Amazon, two-day shipping and many other benefits you might receive as a member. If the person is an Amazon Prime member, then he or she has the chances of exchanging the fee paid and instead get the Amazon Gift Card Cord.

4.Receive The Prime without Making Any Payment For a Short Period

This is a good money saving game, which anyone should consider playing since Amazon Prime is accompanied by a free trial, which lasts for one month. You can take this chance to play the game, especially during the holidays so that you can always win yourself free shipping. You can consider requesting free shipping whenever you have done more shopping. The secret behind this is to always make sure you are quick enough to cancel before you are charged more than expected.

Choose the option of being a student since you get to enjoy more benefits than others.  An Amazon Prime Student always gets the prime offers for half a year, accompanied by a discount of half the original price, which is only $59 in a year.

If you are an adult who was a prime member and later you become a parent, you can consider changing to Amazon Family. Before it was known as the Amazon Mom. With Amazon family, you do not get any limitation on the exact amount you are supposed to save in your account. The best part of Amazon Family is that you will get a discount of twenty percent on every diaper subscription you have

5. Do not Get Sealed in By Prime


People might be overwhelmed by the great deals offered on prime. You might fall into the category of people who will want to take advantage of this situation and order for an expensive item from Amazon with the aim of getting it faster and at a cheaper cost.

However, receiving the item faster might not be the same in all cases. You might order for an item and wait for it for even two days without receiving what you ordered. The next thing you see after going back to Amazon is a clear notification saying that you can get the same item with the same features and size but with a lower price from other online shops or sellers who are not part of the Amazon Family.

Click on the link you are given for the alternative seller, once you get such notification. You might find the sellers being cheap but do not offer shipping discounts. Make your calculations well and compare the prices of Amazon and the new seller. If the range between the two prices is huge, consider picking the item from the seller and choose to pay for the shipping because you may end up making huge savings.

6.More about The Amazon Ware House


Most people might be puzzles with questions about the items, which are returned. In case a client bought an item and found out that, it was not of good quality like featured on Amazon or the items, which become old when not bought.

Such items are good enough to be bought but the main problem is they have been on Amazon for long such they look old but their functionality is still good. All those items are taken to the Amazon warehouse, which is another site where you can buy items.

Amazon Warehouse Deals site which sells these new but old products at a cheaper price when compared to the Amazon real site. Buying these things should not be a big deal to you if you want to save money. The items are in good condition only that some were displayed for long without getting a buyer and they were pre-owned. You can choose to save money by getting the products.

In the same way, you can still find better deals at another Amazon Outlet Store, which seems to be almost hidden from clients. Get to go for such ideas if you need to save more money. You might buy a very good item from these stores. Alternative Amazon stores do not sell products at the same price as the original Amazon page. It is possible to get an item, which will serve you best at a lower price and still get to enjoy the Amazon Prime benefits.

7.The  Current Amazon Deals


If you need to get the best new deal on Amazon, consider clicking on the link indication “Todays Deals” the link is found at the top of all Amazon pages. Here you find the best deal for that day which will not be the same items the following day.

This section has the days deal but they are sold with limited time. You might get an item being on the days deal for some few hours or just a few minutes and later removed from the days deal. The days deal are sold at a cheaper price or with a lot of offers that is why they are displayed there for a short period. After one item clocks out from the days deal, another item replaces it with similar conditions.

It is hard for people to notice the deals easily. If you want to be in the category f people who get to know when such offers are available, consider having the Amazon app on your phone so that you can notice the good deals. It is good to be keen on these bonanzas because they might be of great help to you or to your friend. The same prime benefits are also enjoyed here.

With the Amazon app, it will be easy for you to check on the days deal before time expires. For you to see the today’s deals on Amazon, go to your Amazon app, click on the hamburger menu, then select Today’s Deals so that you can see what is displayed there and the time it is on offer.

8. The Joy Of Receiving Goods The Same Day You Selected

Amazon has greatly increased the number of cities, which receive items the same day they are selected. The number has risen to 8,000 cities, where clients get to select their items from Amazon and later in the day, they get what they picked.

If you are a prime member of these cities, you will receive your items the same day you selected them but will not have to pay any delivery fee. However, for this rule to apply, any prime member has to buy items worth over $35 at the same time. If your order for an item mid-day, you will have the item with you by 9 p.m. The good news about this offer is that it goes on for seven days a week.

Amazon has made it possible for people to receive their ordered goods within two hours in any of the 8,00 cities, They do not select what to deliver on the same day, but everything which is bought by a member of the Amazon Prime account is delivered easily the same day it is selected. For you to enjoy these offers if you are a prime member, you need to key in your ZIP code so that you can know if the city you stay in is eligible for the offer.

9.Register for Amazon Items


There are better deals on Amazon where one can get something for entertainment such as videos or magazines. For you to receive these services you should consider subscribing to any of the services which you wish to be receiving.

Subscribing to Amazon’s Save Program, one gets to receive the latest things all the time. The items you receive are the same all the time buts the ones in your list, which you need to receive information about the example, food, detergents, toilet paper, diapers, clothes and many more.

If you subscribe to five or more of these products in a month, you will get a discount of 15 percent from the original price. One gets to enjoy these benefits every time until you choose to unsubscribe. In case you feel you do not want anything to do with this offer again, you have the right to cancel the offer.

10. Make Use of The Cards That Will Pay You Back


Amazon has a lot of cards which you should consider having at least one if you do not have any, the cards are of great worthwhile you are shopping on Amazon. The Amazon card is only used for buying items through the Amazon platform.

People who have these cards get to enjoy benefits by receiving, some special rates such as, buying goods without any charge or any interest for six months only if you buy goods worth $149 or more, no interest for a year if you buy goods worth $599 or more, one can as well pick specific products and always get them for two years at no interest. In addition, if you are a prime member you get five percent refund once you buy the prime items when are eligible.

Any visa card from chase get some rewards from and one can use it from any Amazon platform. For prime members who use the chase visa card and get five points as the award for every dollar they spend on the Amazon items, any dollar spent on drugstores, gas stations or restaurant or your card gets two points, any other purchase one point is awarded per dollar spent.

If you are not a prime member, you should not feel bad because you get three points after buying any item worth one dollar on Amazon.

However, cards are not only limited, but you also have the chance of linking other credit cards such as the Citi, American Express, and many more cards, which are allowed to your Amazon account. By doing this you get the advantage of shopping and earning some points to your card according to the terms and conditions.

11.Amazon Prime Reload


People who frequently purchase items from Amazon and are prime members should choose the Amazon Prime Reload. Add some money to your Gift Card Balance via a checking account and get two percent return, you will get some refund of up to $196 in a day on any item you purchase through that money.

You should take advantage of this offer because Amazon announced to its potential customers that the offer would last for a year. Note that the amount you put in your Amazon Balance cannot be refunded or you can not redeem it at any cost.


12.No Minimums for any Amazon Add-ons


Add-ons are the extra items that Amazon sells but are not expensive. Their prices do not go beyond $5 dollars per item. However, you cannot buy the add-ons and expect Amazon to ship them for you.


You need to buy other goods worth $25 or more for you to receive even the add-ons. Add-ons do not get free shipping because they are very small for shipping without the accompaniment of other goods.


13.Getting your Shipping Money Back if The Items were Delivered Late


Amazon guarantees the clients a two-day shipping period. One can consider paying the extra money in order to get the item in just one day. That is if you urgently need the item urgently. Before you check out from the Amazon page, always make sure there is green color on the guaranteed delivery every time you purchase an item. If you do not do this, consider getting the item anytime even after the two guaranteed days.

There is a green color on the guaranteed delivery, then you will get the item in two days’ time. Items do not arrive on the right date, you will get a refund on your shipping cost. If you do not get the refund, you might get an award of one-month extension on your prime account. You are a member and the orders meet all the requirements. These favors are for the Amazon family only and someone can only receive them for only twelve times a year.

14.Trading in Technology for Amazon Money


There is always a place for one to trade in old technology such as mobile phones and tablets. Amazon has a program that supports such a trade. You can take this chance to get more money for buying other goods from Amazon.

You can join this program even when the item you want to sell you did not buy it from Amazon. The Trade-in good category includes tablets, Bluetooth speakers, textbooks, mobile phones, video games, kindles, and running media player.

15.Replacement of any Stolen Items

There are some few cases of losing items during transportation or from the buyer’s porch.

Once you raise such an issue, you must make sure that Amazon has sold you the item. You will also need to provide some tracking number or some information, which the customer care will ask you as you answer. It will help Amazon in tracking the item back.

It is always advisable for every Amazon client to upgrade his or her delivery security by making sure the UPD, USPS, and the FedEx have your signature whenever you are making a delivery.

16.Clip Some Vouchers


Amazon has many voucher offers, which one can use on the specific page of the voucher. For you to get this, consider visiting the Amazon page and pick any voucher you may want to use. They mostly lie under household items such as toys, electronics, jewelry and many more.

Once you make any purchase under this category, you get a discount of ten or fifteen percent. If you do not buy anything, you should not worry much because the voucher will not be used and it will expire later.


17.Track Amazon Charges

Track Amazon Charges

Amazon does not easily notify its clients of the items which have lowered in terms of their prices. Though one can know when an item has become cheaper by checking the Wishlist most of the time. There are many ways of helping you know when prices have gone down on Amazon.

If you have subscribed to the Online Price Alert, you will always get an email showing you the product whose price has lowered. Camel! is another alert, which will send a message via your Twitter or email.

18.Better Access to Amazon Deals

As an Amazon Prime member, you get the chance of getting Prime Early Access. You can see it and buy it thirty minutes before other normal buyers. It will be your advantage because you get limited deals.

It might be hard for some people who are not members of Amazon Prime account to access some items. This is because they can buy limited items before anybody can see them. To be able to access this, consider clicking the Amazon Gold Box.

19.Buying or renting more than twenty Million Items

Amazon prime members who buy or rent more than twenty million goods have many benefits to enjoy. Buying two physical items on Amazon will earn you two days of free delivery. You must be a prime member to enjoy these benefits.

It allows you to download more than two million songs without paying any coin. You can as well listen to the songs without downloading.

20.The Infinite Photo and Videos Storage

Amazon is now offering the prime members the infinite cloud storage of their photographs. It means that people can use their Amazon Drive app to upload photographs and videos from any device.

Prime Photos gives its members a huge space to store their photos. Here you get a guarantee of safety. No one can view your photos or videos because you have your account details, which you only know.

people should consider joining the Amazon Prime Account in order to enjoy the benefits associated with becoming a member. You cannot enjoy any benefit unless you subscribe to Amazon Prime. Amazon becomes a better place to purchase your items from. But it is the best for the Amazon Prime members because of what they get in return.

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